Duo (Two) Vert (Vertex)

     Founded in 2009, in Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais, Brazil by Cleiton (guitars) and Rafael (vocals and bass), linking good guitar riffs with a melodic voice, influenced by Progressive metal and Hard rock.

      In 2013 the EP OUTROS PLANOS was produced with 4 tracks: Outros planos, O sol volta a brilhar, Time is on my side (version), Canção da América (version). From this job, the first band’s videoclip was made for Canção da América, from authors Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant.

       In 2016 it was recorded the álbum ATOS DE GLÓRIA with 10 tracks. This work obtained good repercussion in Belo Horizonte (their home city) and other parts of Brazillian country as well. The viodeclip of Animais that tells a history about a professional MMA fighter was seen on Globosat TV channels Multishow and Bis for the first time in 2017.

       With the fanbase growing and mature process of the duo, at the end of 2017 they produced the EP FLOR DO DESERTO with 4 tracks, being 3 inedit and one acoustic version of Esperando o Amanhã from previous release. The videoclip Flor do Deserto had national highlights telling a history of na empowered woman also shown on brazillian TV channels Multishow and BIS from 2018 until today, at Setlist show.

      Aiming a new career perspective, the duo decided strategically to write new songs in English language and for that, invited Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Eminem) producer to make the new single JUST GO AWAY. It was released in the international market in 2019.

       In 2020, the new album is finalized. The first single released is End Of My Sad Memories, now available in all streaming platforms.

     In 2021, JUST A TEENAGER is released with 15 songs. This album was produced by Cleiton and Rafael and mixed by Marc Peiron in Spain. This new album has special guest featuring Bruno Paraguay (Eminence) in the song called Enough and a cover of Journey "Separate Ways (Worlds apart)". This album is the heaviest and with some complex arranges that capture the listeners attention since the first song (It's a shark) until the last one (Standing still).